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AAA Law Group Responds to Current Crisis

In response to President Trumps Executive order to protect those in the prison systems from the spread of the virus, AAA Law Group has directed needed attention to procuring the release of inmates in California jails and prisons.

The Presidents order urged jails and prisons to reduce their prisoner populations by granting immediate release to inmates that are either elderly, or serving a sentence of non-violent crimes, or those that are either nearing the final six months of a sentence or nearing release on probation or parole.

President Trump may have issued the order, but as prison wardens and administrators have pointed out, they are unable to release prisoners without a judicial order.

Judges in California have quickly responded to the call. The Sacramento Bee reported on the emergency meeting of judicial leaders held Saturday, March 28th. California’s chief justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye, “directed judges to dramatically expand the technology to remotely conduct court proceedings and extend the time for arraignments and trials to be heard, saying she can’t be assured that the state’s jails are doing enough to curb the spread of coronavirus.”

“I’ve received no assurances that jails in California are practicing social distancing” either when inmates are in custody or when being transported to courthouses and courtrooms themselves ill-equipped to practice physical distancing,” Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye said.

AAA Law Group, headed by attorney Nina M. Riley, “The People’s Attorney” has established this website to provide immediate assistance to those prisoners who qualify under the Executive Order.

Attorneys are anticipating filing emergency ex-party motions for release at all courts that permit electronic filing and remote appearances. A quick intake form can be filled out on behalf of the incarcerated individual, a video meeting is held with the client wherever the service is available and the filing can be made immediately, sometimes within 48 hours.

“This time of crisis“, says attorney Nina M. Riley, “is where those of us who have dedicated ourselves and our practice to pubic service can make an immediate and absolute difference. There is no reason why we need to allow our prison and jail populations to become vectors. People who served their time, or are serving for non-violent offenses, and certainly those who are nearing release already, should absolutely not be held any longer – by not releasing them we knowingly create a new risk. We all know that to be true, and here at the firm are absolutely dedicated to doing our best to make a difference. We are grateful for the swift response and support of California’s Chief Justice. We applaud the courts that are doing everything to ensure our safety. Now, we intend to do our part.”

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